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NordicMotors is professional auto repair and tuning company located in Riga, Latvia. We offer auto repair and tuning services for prices two-three times lower than in Scandinavia. Our company is special and has a unique offer for you – Repair&Travel! It means that we fully arrange your holidays in Latvia, while your car is being professionally repaired in our service centres.
Our carrier can also move your car to Latvia and return it back in perfect condition after the professional maintenance. In both cases, you will save a lot of money!
Just give us a call or fill in the contact form and our professional technicians will prepare a detailed estimate of what they’ll do to restore your car to perfect condition.

Why choose us?

  • You need to prepare your vehicle for summer or winter season.
  • You need any repair services for your vehicle.
  • You need to repaint/rebuild/improve your car.
  • You want to restore your old car.
  • You want to brush up your car before selling to get better price.


How can we offer excellent service at such low prices? It is easy to explain:

  • We use labour costs in Latvia where the average salary is only 700 EUR, while the average salary in Scandinavia is 3 300 EUR.
  • We use the same equipment as all professional service centres in Nordic countries.
  • Our company employs experienced professionals who cooperate with dealers of the best automobile brands of the world.

Contact us and get special price as our new client! Call us on +371 29460406  or fill in the contact form!