Painting & Bodyworks

Geometry measurements and recovery works of passenger vehicles

NordicMotors offers full complex of recovery and maintenance services for car bodies after damages of any degree.
Pre-treatment of the car’s body is the crucial point of our work. It requires excellent planning and must be finished in appropriate way. We do the best to provide restoration of the highest level available in the industry.

We provide concise estimates of body works making use of the most reliable sources for all needed parts and materials.  Our exclusive quality assurance process allows us to meet our clients’ requirements profitably and at the stated time.

The particularized process involves:

  • The vehicle is dismantled, inspection and storage of the parts.
  • Inspection of the vehicle frame on our frame rack with the purpose to determine the extent of repair necessary for proper body panel fit.
  • We remove the paint of the car cautiously and old body work manually or with the in-house media blaster to avoid causing of additional damages during this process.
  • The car is etched for protection of the bare steel.
  • Removing of rust and dents.
  • Reparation or replacement of floors as needed.
  • Primer and finishing of the car.
  • Test and adjustments of all panels.
  • Inspection of the vehicle and sending to the paint department.

Provision of collision of damaged repair estimates by our estimators to handle all necessary repairs and spare parts.
This is the final step in the process of restoration of the car. The lead painter conducts the final examination prior to painting. The examination includes a full wet-down inspection to reveal any fine ripples and imperfections that may remain even after the detailed sanding completion.

Painting process consists of:

  • Primer and polish.
  • Clearing of the car.
  • Painting and clearing of the body.
  • Inspection leaded by the painter and production manager.
  • Final wet sanding and buff are completed.

The following unique alternatives are available:

  • Application of straightforward paint
  • Application of flames or stripes
  • Application of heavy metallic and chrome allusion paints
  • Identifications and insignias of a vehicle that can be painted on prior to the clear coat applications.