Auto Tuning

External tuning – change of the appearance of a car (collision bumper, spoiler, cowl, body kit, mirrors, stickers, aerography, etc.)
Almost every auto enthusiast wants change appearance of his car – it is natural because external tuning is the first thing that strikes eyes and testifies your individuality.

In spite of fact that not every factory car is interesting enough, it is easy to change it. That is why we need auto tuning. There are numerous ways to make your car special, and NordicMotors – company that joins the best auto tuning specialists of Latvia – is ready to give practical effect to any of your ideas. Visit our centre and get individual, special and beautiful car.

Internal tuning
We offer original and qualitative upholstery, installation of acoustic system, video displays, noise insulation, air conditioner and many other things.
Although internal tuning usually does not influence road performance of a car, good internal tuning not only uplifts the saloon of your auto but also makes it more comfortable and safe.

We are ready to offer you different variants for stylish auto tuning and listen to your requirements and wishes. Nothing is impossible – starting with modern audio-systems and displays and ending with exclusive leather saloons. 

Technical tuning
We are ready to offer you technical auto tuning of any complexity. Change properties of driver, brackets, transmission, brake levers and get enjoyment driving your car. You can choose change of particular technical properties or transform your car to real racing car!