Repair &Travel

Choosing our  Repair&Travel service, you will get your car repaired at price at least three times cheaper than in your country while you enjoy beautiful Baltics.
With Travel&Repair option you can choose to have the all-inclusive travel package while your car is being repaired or a basic package (hotels, air tickets etc) . And anyway you will appreciate the advantage and get the best price in combination with well repaired car. That is guaranteed.
We offer complete, personalised solutions for visiting Baltics either for leisure or business purposes. We are located in Riga, Latvia, but we can arrange your trip across all Baltic countries –Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
We can combine your visit for car repare with business (exhibitions, meeting arrangements) or medical treatment (for example visit of dentist). We can compile full package or provide individual services such as hotel, transfer, etc. We try hard to offer inbound options tailored to our clients’ needs and wishes while keeping the prices very low. You will love our excellent client service! 

Repair&Travel package example

We don’t have any standard options for Repair&Travel package, as all our clients are different and have different needs.
This is just to show you how many things you can afford choosing our Repair&Travel option:
  • Car rent with a driver for 3 days while your auto is repaired in our centre
  • Three nights stay in 3-4 star hotel in the centre of Riga
  • Three dinners in a high class restaurants trying different cuisines
  • 3 hours of excursion across Riga with professional guide
  • 3 hours of relaxation in exclusive SPA (biggest in Europe)
  • 24/7 client support and personal assistant
*price is a subject of market condition and can slightly increase during summer months.
It’s easy to calculate how cost effective is our offer! You repair your car, save several thousand euro and have first class holidays in Baltic for free.


Spend 500 euro or more on car repair or tuning and get three hours excursion across Riga with professional guide FOR FREE! The offer is valid till June 30.

Please fill the contact form or contact us directly if you wish to discuss your Repair&Travel option with our professional consultant!
Looking forward to see you and to repair your car in Riga soon!